Top 10 Hairstyles Trending in 2023 for Square-faced Girls

Do you have a square face and are feeling self-conscious about your face and don’t know which hairstyle to choose accordingly? Don’t worry about it there are many hairstyles for beautiful square faces that you can choose from. Vina Human Hair will help you choose the 10 best hairstyles for square faces in 2023.

How to determine the shape of your face

Many of you can determine the shape of your face and find yourself a hairstyle you like. However, if you are still wondering about the shape of your face, try to refer to the determination below.

To accurately determine the shape of the face, you need to prepare some tools as follows:

– Soft tape measure

– Paper and pen

– Mirror

You will proceed to use the following position measure:

1. Measure the widest part of the forehead

You measure across your forehead between your eyebrows and hairline and write it down on paper.

2. Cheekbone measurement

Identify the highest protrusion of the cheekbones. Once you’ve determined it, you take the measure across the highest protrusion of the identified cheekbone. Then record the measurements.

3. Measure from the angle of the jaw to the tip of the chin

You hold 1 end of the rope right at the corner of the jaw below the ear and then pull the ruler to the tip of the chin. Do the same with the other function, then add 2 measurements together.

4. Measure face length

You measure from the middle of the hairline down to the tip of your chin. Then record the measurements.

5. Determine the shape of the face

A stand-out feature of square-shaped faces is The face is square when all measurements are quite the same. The hairline and jawline are almost horizontal with the cheekbones protruding slightly. Square-shaped faces commonly possess strong, angular features and a distinctly sharp, straight line from the forehead to the top of the jaw.

Hairstyles trending for square-faced girls


Being one of the most flattering haircuts for square faces, this pixie cut is fun and playful and works great for all hair types. This square-faced hairstyle is even more striking if you’re dyed deep brown, chestnut brown, charcoal purple, or wine red.

Medium Layered Style

Medium-layered haircuts are incredibly popular among women of all ages, and hair types. Such a choppy technique will only show off your facial features by complementing them in the best way possible. Layers will bring more volume to your hair, and you will never struggle with texturizing your locks again.

Frisky Fringe

It is an uneven fringe and cut to perfectly frame your face, this look is sleek and carefree.

To style, apply straightening cream evenly throughout your damp hair, and blow dry until your hair is straight and smooth. Then, Flat iron in 1 ½ inch sections, turning the ends in slightly to softly frame your face. Finish with a flexible hold spray.


Sultry With Slight Waves

This works great for long hair and those who don’t want any layers. With horizontal sweeping bangs and tapered layers framing your face, you get an all-time look that’s both elegant and simple.

Blow dry your bangs Then dry the rest of your hair. Next, add a little bend to the ends using a large barrel that bends and rolls your bangs to the side. Apply a mild finishing spray to keep the hair in shape.

Sultry With Slight Waves (cre: internet)

Long, Wavy Layered Haircuts

This sophisticated look incorporates longer layers with sexy waves that will the corners of the face slimmer and more delicate.

Part your dried hair over to one side and tease hair near the roots and at the crown with a teasing brush. Curl small to medium sections of the ends only with a curling iron.

Bohemian Chic Shag Haircuts

Bohemian Chic Shag Haircut As one of the most elegant haircuts for square faces, it makes your face soft and feminine with a touch of playfulness. Dry your hair with your fingers until it’s almost completely dry, using a round brush to smooth it out and add puffiness.

Voluminous Waves With Side-Swept Bangs

Voluminous Waves With Side-Swept Bangs will make you look dreamy while softening the sharpness of your face. Your long hair with side-swept bangs wavy will bring additional volume and texture that are so necessary to appear on owners of square faces. Loose curl your beautiful locks and let them fall freely. It all makes for a perfect combination for your face.

Side Parted Layered Bangs                

Side Parted Layered Bangs for a square face are a good option as they soften facial features and smooth all those corners of your face. it brings all the attention to your eyes rather than to the corners of your face. The cut-off corners on your forehead will make it narrower, so your strong features will be complimented.

Straight Long Bob

If you have a square face shape, you should consider picking it for yourself. Straight Long Bob will prolong your face softening the beauty of your sharp jawline and cheekbones, to help you become Chic and elegant more. Add side-swept bangs to go with it, and you will look stunning and eye-catching. This hairstyle will help you stand out and be more attractive.

Slightly Shaggy Mid-Length Bob Haircuts              

This Slightly Shaggy Mid-Length Bob Haircut is dramatic and edgy and will accentuate your facial features. Part your hair to one side and use a paddle brush to blow dry your hair until it is smooth and shiny. Use a flat iron if necessary. This style looks great with ombre tones or a funky two-toned color.


Above are short hairstyles for square faces that girls should try at least once in their lives. Vina Human Hair‘s sharing will hopefully help square-faced women become more beautiful and confident.

In addition, you can refer to hairstyles on Vina Human Hair’s website. We have a full range of hairstyles, full of colors for you to choose from at a price suitable for many forms of payment. Our hair is high quality, 100% made from real human hair to make you feel comfortable and gentle just like your own hair.

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