The Best Hair Color Trends 2023 According to Hairstylist

To change the look, in addition to changing the hairstyle, hair color is also an ideal choice for you to become more attractive and confident. Beautiful hair with the right tone will hide the flaws, and increase your elegance and youthfulness for you. So, do you know which beautiful 2023 hair colors are trending today? If not, please refer to the following article on Vina Human Hair to get the ideal suggestion for new hair color!

1. What is a “hot trend” hair color?

It is a popular color in the market that many people are interested in. These hair colors often appear and attract many dyers, especially young people.

Hair color dyed hot when That hair color is used by influential celebrities which entails the imitation of fans. Hair color comes from a social media phenomenon, from videos from individuals on social networking sites, which are welcomed by people for bringing new beauty.

Usually, the hottest hair colors today last from 6 months to 1 year. In each stage, there are many colors on the throne including different light and dark colors. These colors often have unique features and are used by many people.

2. Hair colors Trending of 2023

Violet Brunette

If you’re the type to spike your cherry cola with a shot of rum and a dash of lilac bitters — this life-of-the-party violet brown seen on Yola is for you. The eggplant color added to the brunette is a great combination, suitable for brunettes who awaken their hair color without turning into a real redheads. You’ll want a deep purple, amethyst tone as a glossy or demi-glaze or semi-permanent tone on dark brown hair.

In addition, Vina Human Hair recommends re-dyeing your hair when the purple color begins to fade.

Peachy Rose Gold

Old rose gold is the hair color trend of 2022, by 2023 peachy rose gold will become a new trend. This hair color changes the bronze we’ve seen everywhere to a more pastel bronze color. This hair color is suitable for those with white or warm complexions. However, it’s also an easily faded color, so combine UV-filtered products and monthly gloss to keep the colors fresh and even.

Bright Pearl

The Bright Pearl magical, shimmering pearl color will become a trending hair color in 2023. It makes your skin more beautiful and your eyes look more soulful. You should provide a cool tonal coating on very pale yellow or platinum. Colors like oysters, mushrooms, or purple can give your hair this pearly look.

Gemini Hair

Gemini hair is named after the twins of the Zodiac, Gemini hair is a hair but has two different tones, where half of your head is one color, usually your natural color or close to it and the other half is a light color,  contrast like red, blue or pink. This hair color is not new, but it will be the 2023 hairs trends

Crème brûlée

creme brulee hair colors inspired by the delicious dessert. It is a combination of warm brown tones and the appearance of lighter shades in the hair.  this hair color suits everyone regardless of their age, face shape, skin color, or hair texture. Moreover, it is to make your hair look healthy and younger.


Buttercream blonde is a hair trend in 2023 because it’s a nice tone from the bleached-out blonde highlights. the lightest shade of gold possible, with just enough richness and depth needed to complement skin tones. You should refresh the tone every few weeks so it doesn’t start to look brassy.

Anime Pink

Anime is becoming increasingly popular, especially popular among young people. They tend to wear hair colors and hairstyles similar to their favorite anime characters.  Pink hair is often used to symbolize dreamers and idealists, with childlike innocence. They also bring positive energy to those around them.

Soft-Girl Brown

Soft-girls brown is perfect for girls with brown skin. Even black hair has variations in tone, if you want to be a gentle, casual girl but do not want to be tedious, and rural with traditional black hair color. This is a great option for you.

Dimensional Copper

Dimensional means just that, adding dimension throughout the hair with a contrast of darker shades, lighter shades, or highlights. Dimension is a contrast of light and dark tones. Copper is one of those colors that looks great on almost all skin tones and can provide a regal vibe. Dimensional Copper will be a perfect combination for you, it will help you stand out and attract all eyes.


One of this year’s best trendy shades is lilac. Lilac hair color is a lighter, pastel-like shade of purple, often having silvery tones in it. It delivers a ton of flexibility, and suits people’s tastes and complexion, albeit varied. The light contrast of a lilac color makes it so easy to wear with neutral and dark-toned clothes and makeup, which is so ideal for the year!

3. Conclusion

Hair color will help you shape the style you pursue. Vina Human Hair has a lot of hot-trend hair colors to help women choose their favorite tones to be able to change their appearance in a more beautiful direction. Changing your hairstyle and hair color helps you become more confident, but you need to be aware when changing your hair color regularly. Regularly dyeing your hair will easily cause hair damage, so you need to take good care of your hair, you can refer to our hair care articles such as Hair care habits of Vietnamese women and 5 Simple Ways to Establish a Hair Care Routine. In addition, we also have shared with you the Best tips to help your dyed hair color fade for a long time. These articles will surely help you a lot.

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