Currently, the demand for the beauty of people’s hair is increasing, hair dyes are gradually becoming popular. However, the disadvantage of hair dyeing is that hair color cannot be kept over time, especially bleached hair. Fast-fading dyed hair is usually due to the quality of the dye, temperature, shampoo, and sun. To keep your hair color fading for a long time, you need to choose a good dye that does not contain ammonia. When the hair is colored, use conditioner and shampoo to keep the hair dyed. In addition, keeping hair dry, and avoiding the sun is also an effective way to keep hair color.

So, how to keep your hair color from fading and reduce damage to your hair so that your hair is healthy? Let Vina Human Hair share the more clearly with you the following tips!

Tips for keeping hair color before dyeing

Choose a good dye with high hydration

You may not know, 20% of hair color fastness depends on the quality of the dye. Therefore, to keep dyed hair more durable, use quality medicine with high humidity. This is good for your hair.

You should choose organic dyes, containing natural oil ingredients that will retain moisture to help hair shine and health. You need to especially stay away from ammonia-containing types, if you do not know about ammonia, Vina Human hair only gives you a little trick, which is that if you smell a dye with a dark smell, it is the one with ammonia.

Choosing the right hair color

Each hair color will have a different fading rate. If we dye it red, it tends to fade faster, because of its large molecular size, making it difficult for the red dye to penetrate deep into the hair.

Other fast-fading dyed hair colors such purple, smoky, blue, pink, orange, and ombre color. These hair colors not only fade quickly, but it also makes your hair frizzy, it will fade after 1-2 weeks of dyeing. Or keep the color by taking care of it very carefully using the tips below.

In addition, you can choose to dye a simple tone, less faded, and can be maintained for 3-6 months as brown (copper brown, iridescent brown, golden brown).

Do not wash your hair before dyeing hair

This tip makes you uncomfortable because of the itch, but it works very well. Because dirty hair is the ideal environment for dyed hair. When you go to the hair dye salon, you will still be washing your hair many times later, so you do not need to waste time on washing your hair. It will help protect oily skin from irritation by the dye and will help you reduce the feeling of pain and burning in the scalp when dyeing. The second benefit is to help your hair grow more evenly and keep the color longer.

Therefore, if you intend to dye your hair, you should not wash your hair before planning to dye, for at least 2 days.

Tips for keeping hair color after dyeing

It is not recommended to wash your hair after dyeing your hair

This is extremely important if you want to keep your dyed hair long-term. After dyeing, you should wait at least 48 hours, to be sure, you should wait 3-4 days to wash again. By this period, the dye adheres deeply to the hair cells, which is useful for later hair color and helps the hair retain color longer.

After that, you should not wash your hair too much, because the less you wash your hair, the more durable the hair color, and the more difficult it is to fade. Washing your hair too much, creating conditions for water, detergents in conditioners, and shampoos wash away the number of natural oils that nourish dyed hair, causing hair to become frizzy and quickly colored. Vina Human Hair recommends that if it is not necessary, it should only be washed 1-2 times per week.

If your hair is oily, quickly dirty, and has a lot of busy work, to avoid washing your hair with water you can use dry shampoo. Using dry shampoo will help clean dirt, and lubricants on the scalp without using water. In addition, the dry shampoo also adds nutrients to the hair roots, helping dyed hair always keep a fresh look. Lift the hairline upside down and place the spray 15cm away, then massage gently to let the medicine soak inside.

Use warm or cold water

Many of you think that washing hot water will help your hair cleaner, and easily remove the itchy bucket. However, with dyed hair, this is extremely bad. Because hot water has high washout properties, it reduces the adhesion of the dye, thereby causing the dye to fly color.

The best way to keep dyed hair color at this time is to use warm or cold water to wash your hair. For those who dye hair with a dry scalp, and a lot of dandruff, you should wash your hair with cold water. Those of you with oily, oily scalps can wash your hair with warm water from 40 to 50 degrees C. So, to keep your dyed hair color for a long time, try to wash your hair only with cold water or warm water!

Do not use shampoos, but sulfate, mint, clarifying

After dyeing your hair, you should not use shampoos with strong detergents such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, mint ingredients, or Clarifying shampoo. It will wash away the natural oil in the hair, causing the hair to dry out, thereby fading the hair.

Instead, you should buy a shampoo specifically for dyed hair, which contains special formulas. It helps cleanse hair, protects hair from ultraviolet rays, and provides nutrients that help hair recover after dyeing without losing color.

Limit the use of dryers

Hair dryers evaporate water quickly, but if used for a long time, it will make the hair fibrous, hard, and split ends. At the same time, the hot temperature of the machine also makes us unable to keep our hair color. We should dry our hair with a towel. If you need to use a dryer for styling, it is recommended to switch to cold drying mode or use hair protection measures with balm, and anti-damage spray before drying.

In addition, you should not dry your when you first wash your hair, do not use high temperatures, and do not dry your hair too close or dry for a long time in one location,…

Avoid direct sun exposure

The sun is especially dangerous with dyed hair, it will cause your hair to turn colored and break.

When the temperature is high, the hair color pigments will be neutralized and discolored. In addition, ultraviolet rays combined with dye will kill the hair core, destroying the hair from the inside, and causing hair to break young ends. The main solution to protect hair color is to protect hair from the sun by moisturizing hair regularly, wearing a hat when out in the sun, and using a hair protection spray,…..

How to take care of your hair to keep it dyed for a long time

Vitamin B and C Supplements

Vitamins are one of the essential nutrients to restore dyed hair, making hair strong and shiny.

Vitamin C protects hair follicle health and helps absorb iron and protein from plants.

Biotin is a B vitamin that improves hair texture and restores weak, damaged hair strands.

Therefore, do not hesitate to add foods with vitamin ingredients, it is both good for your health and good for your hair.

Trimming hair ends every 2 months 1 time

Hair trimming is one of the ways to keep hair color dyed quite effectively. Regular trimming helps to remove dry hair, young hair ends at the tail of hair, and specially dyed hair. At the same time, it stimulates hair growth, stimulates faster hair growth.

Above are the good tips that Vina Human Hair shows you to keep your dyed hair longer. You just need to do exactly what you share: choose the right dye and shampoo. Do not use hot heat, avoid the sun, keep your hair dry, and regularly moisturize your hair will help your hair color stay fresh.

You can also refer to our other articles such as 5 Simple Ways to Establish a Hair Care Routine and Some hair care habits of Vietnamese women. We have a lot of useful readings, and tips to help your hair become stronger. If you want to have beautiful hair quickly while waiting for your hair to recover, you can check out some great hair models from Vina Human Hair!

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