Analyze The Difference Between Human Hair And Synthetic Wigs

Currently, the wig market is growing, the items are becoming more and more diverse. However, wigs are still divided into 2 main types: wigs made from real hair and wigs made from synthetic fibers. Real human hair and synthetic wigs both have certain advantages and disadvantages, depending on the needs of the user, choosing the right hair type.

With today’s modern equipment and technology, it will be difficult to distinguish between real hair and high-end wigs. This has led many customers to be tricked into buying wigs made from synthetic fibers at the price of wigs made from real hair. In this article, Vina Human Hair will share with you some experiences as well as update more useful knowledge to distinguish these 2 hair types, helping you avoid unnecessary risks when buying a wig.

What is Human Hair?

As the name itself suggests, human hair wigs are wigs produced from human hair. Hair after purchasing will go through the process of processing to weave into wigs suitable for the needs of users. This is considered the most advanced wig product and offers natural beauty as well as a perfect experience.


The majority of wigs are made from Asian hair, in addition to Indonesian, Indian, and European hair. Asian hair, especially Chinese and Vietnamese hair is characterized by thicker (unit of smoothness) and extremely straight hair, the epidermis on the hair is located in the same direction. The hair is thick and straight, so when styling hair is more difficult, this type is often used to make long straight wigs.

Indonesian hair is the main source of raw materials for the wig market today because of its low price. They are used to design traditional wigs that can be seen during the holidays. European hair is the most sought-after type because of its smooth, strong hair that easily changes color, but due to the increasingly limited supply, they are more expensive than other hair substances.

What are Synthetic Wigs?


Synthetic wigs are made from several main materials such as Toyokalon and Kanekalon, … based on the structure and appearance of real hair. The outside is covered with a layer of silicone on the surface of the hair, making the hair straight and smooth like real human hair, up to 99% like real hair. This is also a commonly used wig product today, with a variety of designs, and colors, you can find it at accessory stores very easily. It is cheaper than hair made by real people because the cost to produce a synthetic wig is only 1 in 5 compared to real hair.

The difference between Human hair and synthetic hair

Advantages and disadvantages of human hair wigs

About the advantages

  • Made from 100% real human hair, natural soft hair, moderate brightness easily integrates into your real hair.
  • Does not cause irritation or discomfort when used for a long period.
  • Long use time, usually 2-3 years or longer if stored and cared for well.
  • Easily style, and change hair color without fear of damage.

About the disadvantages

  • This type of hair requires meticulous care to keep your hair smooth.
  • The cost of the product is higher than that of wigs made from synthetic fear.

Advantages and disadvantages of Synthetic Wigs

About the advantage

  • Variety of designs and colors for you to freely choose from, you do not need to style many times because it keeps the line very well.
  • Easier hair care.
  • The cost of products is cheaper than hair made from real hair.
  • Meticulously produced hair like real hair up to 90%.

About the disadvantage

  • This type of hair is poorly heat resistant, and difficult to style, so you need to store it carefully and avoid direct exposure to the sun because it will make the hair tangled and unnatural.
  • Some hair types have more shine than real hair, making a noticeable difference between your wig and real hair.
  • Short use time, silicone coating will disappear after a few washes, causing hair to peel off, dry, and easily tangle.
  • You cannot change hair color during use.
  • The use period only lasts from 6-12 months, while the high-grade heat-resistant hair lasts from 3-6 months.
  • Hair lacks flexibility when moving, when stroking hair is more difficult to get into folds.

How to distinguish human hair and synthetic wigs

The characteristics that we have just mentioned above have helped you distinguish hair made from real human hair and hair made from synthetic fibers. In addition, Vina Human Hair also has another way to help you distinguish them easily, which is to burn a small amount of hair holding 2 types and compare them.

If when burning hair easily burns and produces a large, dark flame of plastic, then this is exactly a wig made from synthetic fibers. When burning hair is made from real hair, it will be less smoke and a familiar burning smell of hair.

Besides, for wigs made from real hair, after burning, you will be able to easily crush its ashes by hand. As for wigs made from synthetic fibers, because they are made from nylon silk fibers, and artificial silk threads, you will not be able to crush their ashes by hand.

Another easy way to distinguish another wig is to use water. When dropping 2 types of hair into water, we will see a clear difference, Wigs made from synthetic fibers when wet will feel heavier and do not keep their shape. As for wigs made from human hair, when wet, it will still retain its shape whether it is water waves or curls.

From our point of view, if you only need to use wigs for a short time and infrequently, you can buy synthetic hair. However, if you want to use your hair regularly and for a long time, hair made from real hair will be superior. If properly stored and cared for hair, and can use for a long period and save a significant amount of money.

Where is the best to buy wigs

Currently, the wig market is very active, there are many famous hair sales addresses in the world. Wigs made from real hair are increasingly popular, especially the hair of Vietnamese women is interesting to many people because the hair quality is very good, it has natural smoothness, perfect shine, moisture resistance, and good heat resistance. Even when dyeing hair, hair is very soft and strong.

Vina Human Hair is one of the leading reputable 100% real hair wig suppliers in Vietnam. With more than 10 years of experience along with a team of professional staff. We always pay meticulous attention in each stage, all hairs are carefully checked before reaching customers. We have accompanied many successful hair startups and customers who are passionate about beauty and are always committed to bringing you quality products with a variety of products from hairstyles to hair colors.

In addition, we also have a shipping policy that ensures the goods will reach you as soon as possible. In terms of our prices are very reasonable compared to other Vietnamese natural hair suppliers in the market and by the quality of hair, we also support payment in many forms along with the best quality of service for you. You can refer to more at Vina Human Hair‘s website or contact us directly, we are always ready to serve you.

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