How To Dye Bundles Without Destroying It

Dying bundles can be a challenge if you don’t know how to dye bundles properly. You always have a fear of your colored hair falling out, your hair getting tangled and frizzy or you will struggle with split ends for months. These concerns can be quickly addressed in this article to avoid excessive damage to the hair shaft.

1. Why dyed bundles are easily damaged?

Dyed hair is hair that has been treated with chemicals, heat, and dyes to color the hair, especially for the tight parts of the hair that have been cut off from the source of nourishment. Dyeing your hair helps you stand out more in the crowd, but if you do not know how to dye the bundle and take care of it, it will cause you some consequences such as:

  • The function of the dye will bleach and change the original hair color to the hair color according to your wishes. The dye contains chemical ingredients, so it is easy to make the hair dry, and weak and, will be seriously damaged for a long time.
  • In the process of dyeing hair, The strong thermal effect easily damages the hair bundle. Strong heat destroys the natural film that covers the hair, weakening it and drying it out.
  • In fact, dyed hair is very weak compared to normal hair, if it is not carefully cared for, and stored properly, it will be very easy to dry out, and split ends, causing hair to lack vitality.

2. Instructions on how to dye bundles

Before dying your hair

For hair coloring to take place smoothly, with good quality, reducing hair damage, we need to prepare before dyeing well.


  • Choose the right dye color: You need to determine exactly which color to dye the bundle with. A dye that matches your skin tone as well as your people. Besides, you limit dyeing some colors that make the tail dull, looking very similar to damaged hair.
  • You should choose medicines that have a reputable, quality brand, do not contain ammonia, and have the least impact on hair health.
  • It is necessary to avoid the use of chemicals/heat on woven hair, and store and care for hair properly to keep hair in the best condition and avoid hair damage.

While dyeing your hair

  • clean hair, and remove substandard hairs
  • Mixing hair weaving colors according to the standard ratio has been instructed to make the hair the most standard color
  • Test the dye on the skin under the arms to make sure it doesn’t cause allergies or side effects when used
  • Apply the dye evenly to the hair so that the hair is even, and beautiful as desired, avoiding the case of color explosion, dark places in pale places

After dyeing your hair

After you have completed the hair dyeing operation, this is an extremely important step to keep your dyed hair bundle always the right color and less faded after a period of use.

  • Use shampoos and creams that retain color after dyeing to ensure colored particles stick around your hair for a long time. Avoid shampoos containing sulfate, as sulfate has a cleansing effect and will wash away the color faster. You should only massage your hair gently, not use your nails to scratch. After washing the hair should be combined with hair balm. When washing dyed hair, you should pay attention to using a line of specialized shampoos to protect hair color. It will maintain your hair color longer and add strength to your hair.
  • You can use conditioners, some conditioners contain Tahitian monoi and Ojon seed oil, which can help limit fading and create a protective film on dyed hair.
  • Hair balm or soft styling can be used to increase the shine of the dye color.
  • Care for dyed hair with restorative essence. Using hair essence can help reduce stiff curls and protect dying hair extensions from damage caused by heat tools and other environmental factors. You should look for hair restoration products that are specifically designed to protect the dye color. This hair care tip is essential if you regularly use a hair dryer, curler, or straightener if you leave your bare hair in the sun for too long.

Taking care of your hair after dyeing is a very important step in keeping your hair fading for a long time. you can refer to  BEST TIPS TO HELP YOUR DYED HAIR COLOR FADE FOR A LONG TIME, In this article, we have shared very careful tips to help your hair color for a long time.

3. The most popular hairstyles chosen by customers

One color

This is considered the most popular hair color chosen by many customers because of its simplicity and ease of combining with many other styles. It is highly applicable and does not require complicated hair care procedures. You can refer to Vina Human Hair‘s website


Ombre is the best hair dye for textiles that have an impressive color effect, in which the hair is divided into two parts of contrasting colors and gradually blends from one color to another. This is also a very popular hair color at Vina Human Hair. We are meticulous in every hair dye to ensure that you have beautiful standard ombre hair.


Piano color is a hair color that is blended by different colors vertically. Over time, hairstylists create different color combinations according to the needs of the client. Because of its uniqueness and newness, this hair color is very popular with women around the world. Vina Human Hair always brings customers the best quality products.

How dye the bundle correctly is a very important way for it not to be damaged, along with measuring is a way to care for and preserve hair so that it lasts a long time. Hope this article of ours will help you. If you are looking for a reputable hair supplier, with high quality can refer to Vina Human Hair, we have a lot of quality products for you, meet your requirements.

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