What You Need to Know About Vietnamese Women’s Hair

In recent years, Vietnamese hair is becoming more and more popular, rated by many suppliers or traders as the highest quality hair. Vietnamese hair is not only skillfully handled by professional workers but also has its unique characteristics, meticulously cared for by Vietnamese women. Let’s learn more about Vietnamese hair with Vina Human Hair!   

The origin of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is derived from the hair of Vietnamese women from 18 to 30 years old, especially mountainous women. They are people who lead a healthy lifestyle, and take great care of their hair such as washing their hair with natural ingredients daily, and not eating greasy foods,… Besides, this is also the ideal age for hair, the amount of keratin in the hair (the substance that makes hair shiny) is at the highest level, which makes the hair of Vietnamese people after treatment still very smooth.

Before being put into production, Vietnamese hair will be selected, classified, and checked by hair experts at factories if hair meets new standards to be put into production. Therefore, Vietnamese hair is of extremely high quality compared to hair from other hair-exporting countries such as China or India.


Characteristics of Vietnamese women’s hair

Hair texture and shape

Vietnamese hair is not easily tangled because it comes from the special texture of hair that is subject to many impacts of climate and environment. It has a thickness and fullness that you can feel directly when you put your hands in your hair. Despite its thick appearance, Vietnamese hair is not coarse or dry, on the contrary, Vietnamese hair is extremely straight, soft, and silky. Vietnamese hair is also very strong and easy to style. Whatever style you want to switch to, you can easily do it with less damage to your hair if you take proper care of your hair from curly, wavy, and deep curly hair to wavy curls, loose ripples, etc.

Color of hair

Vietnamese hair has a natural black color, so it can easily blend in with the hair color of women of other ethnic groups. In addition, you can dye any color you like such as red, orange, blue, pink, yellow, gray, dark gray, brown, and dark brown … As a result, the hair bundles are of high quality. This is why most women in the world fall in love with Vietnamese hair. At Vina Human Hair, we can quickly and easily implement any hair color and hairstyle that customers require.

Easy to store and care for

Vietnamese hair is of good quality, so it has a very long service life. According to statistics, hair has an average life expectancy of 3.5 to 5 years. You won’t spend too much time on hair care, you just need to wash, clean, and dry your hair daily to make sure it doesn’t get dirty, but be careful not to mess it up while doing so. It’s pretty simple to maintain, and your hair will stick around longer. When splicing natural curly hair, you should pay more attention. Remember to wash your hair 2-3 times a week if you don’t want your head to get dandruff to make you stunned.

Classification of Vietnamese women’s hair

Currently, there are 3 main types of hair on the market: virgin hair, Remy hair, and young – Remy. Each type has different characteristics and qualities.

  • Virgin hair: Virgin hair is untreated through any form of chemicals such as dyeing, curling, or bleaching. This is the best hair of Vietnamese people. This type of hair will only gather from a Vietnamese donor, creating a uniformity in hair structure and color, the epidermis will align in the same direction and the hair will not be tangled. It is also because of its excellent quality that virgin hair costs a lot.
  • Remy hair: This is the most popular hair type in the world with high quality and affordable price. Remy Vietnam hair is a type of hair collected from many Vietnamese donors, bundled together with the cuticle intact and oriented in one direction. However, depending on the customer’s standards, Vina Human Hair will collect the most natural and suitable hairs for Vietnamese people.
  • Non-Remy hair: This type of hair has been blended with the hair of many donors in various directions. This type of hair is considered the worst, prone to tangles, falls out, and has the lowest price.

However, to ensure the highest quality for Vietnamese hair products, most Vietnamese hair factories will not provide this type of hair but only focus on producing 2 types of hair: pure hair and Remy’s hair.

Comparing Vietnamese hair with Chinese hair and Indian hair

When compared to the original hair of other countries, Vietnamese hair can be proud of itself. Because the climate in the mountains is very cold, avoid exposing your hair directly to the sun. The result of the use of natural ingredients is very long and silky hair. In addition, Vietnamese mountainous women are very little exposed to curling services or toxic chemicals, they always take care of their hair with 100% natural products, so Vietnamese hair is extremely strong, durable, and has a long life expectancy.

Chinese hair is also very diverse in hairstyles. However, due to being used of hair many times chemicals for styling, Chinese hair has a very beautiful design but eventually easily tangles and falls out, the use time will be much shorter than Vietnamese hair (from 5-7 months). In addition, China cannot produce virgin hair, so it regularly imports hair from India. However, the Indian climate in many places has a daily temperature over 40C (105F), which is extremely hot for hair making it not silky. Indians’ natural hair is usually thin, weak, and curly, so it is difficult to style. If you want to style, you’ll have to straighten your hair before styling. That made the already weak Indian hair even weaker.

In terms of price, it is easy to recognize when looking at hair quality, Indian hair is the cheapest hair on the market, followed by Chinese hair and the most expensive of the three types is Vietnamese hair.


Where is the best place to buy Vietnamese hair

Currently, there are many reputable and quality Vietnamese hair suppliers for you to learn about and refer to.

Vina Human Hair is a leading reputable supplier in Vietnam, with more than 10 years of experience. We always bring customers high-quality hair products at factory prices for many markets. We have a wide range of items for customers to choose from, you can refer to Vina Human Hair.com

In addition, we also support styling and hair color according to customers’ requirements. At the same time, to facilitate customers who want to check the quality of our hair, we allow dealers to buy in small quantities and packages to suit your needs. contact me for the wholesale price and hair details.

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