5 Simple Ways to Establish a Hair Care Routine

A very common condition of many people today is damaged hair. There have been a lot of people who spend a lot of money to go for hair restoration at beauty facilities but only after a while the hair will be damaged again. You may not know, but building the right hair care routine is a very important thing and it is not difficult. If you persist in maintaining these habits, surely the fruits of your hair will not disappoint you. Here are the specific ways to set up a hair care routine that Vina Human Hair wants to share with you.

Causes of hair damage

Inappropriate hair care products

Currently, there are many hair products on the market. However, many products do not guarantee quality, but harmful chemicals or simply not suitable for your hair type, all cause your hair to deteriorate over time.

Weather and surroundings

Many of you do not have the habit of shielding your hair when going out, leaving your hair exposed to direct sunlight and dust in the air. This causes your hair to split, frizzy, and fade quickly.

High exposure to thermal instruments

Thermal tools such as dryers, curlers, and straighteners are the most common causes of hair becoming dry and weak. Vina Human Hair recommends limiting your hair to exposure to thermal tools, instead of using it every day, reduce it to only 2 times a week.

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Exposure to too many chemicals

The demand for beauty in hair is growing, hair must be regularly exposed to chemicals such as hair dyes, hair bleach, and styling chemicals, … easily lead to the external cuticle of the hair being heavily damaged.

5 Ways to Set Up a Hair Care Routine

Know your hair well

Have you ever wondered if your hair is thick or thin, dry or oily? Many people claim that their hair is thin and oily and then look for specialized hair care products for thinning and oily hair. However, this is not the case, as a result, taking care of your hair becomes meaningless. You must understand your hair well, it will help you get the right direction in hair care.

Conditioning & Shampooing

The essential way in your washing routine is to condition and shampoo. It helps to detangle, and seal the cuticles and provide moisture. Using conditioner will replenish the moisture that the shampoo has taken away while helping to remove the tangled hair caused by the shampoo massage process on your hair.

For shampoos, you should choose shampoos, not silicone and sulfates. Use fingertips instead of nails when washing hair, only wash your hair 2 times a week.

For conditioners, it is also not recommended to choose the one with silicone. Apply conditioner to hair after squeezing all the water, leave for 1-2 minutes, and then rinse with cool water. It is possible to gently brush your hair with a sparse tooth comb after applying conditioner so that the product is evenly distributed over the hair.


When hair is damaged, it is easy to become dry, so moisturizing is an extremely necessary thing. It will help your hair become softer, stronger, and healthier. You can apply it to damp, dry hair in the morning or before going to bed.  For hair balm, a little will have a lasting effect. It is recommended to use 1-2 drops for thinning hair, 2-3 drops for medium hair, and 3-4 drops for thick hair. Apply the product evenly to your hands and then brush your hair with your hands to nourish your hair evenly.


Detangling hair will help remove knots and minimize breakage. The detangling process begins in the shower. However, you should not untangle your hair when it is too dry, do it after applying conditioner, gently comb your hair with your fingertips, or a sparse comb to remove large knots. Start combing from root to tip, from hairline to tail.


There are many forms of treatment that you can apply and your daily routines such as hair conditioner treatment, and hair mask treatment,… This treatment will help solve problems such as dry, flaky hair, and improve hair health.

In addition, you can perform several hairstyles to protect your hair texture. You can tie a Bantu knot, tie a flat knot, tie a braid, tie a knot, wrap a turban, or tie a braid for a sometimes without having to constantly adjust your hair. It is necessary to make sure that they are not too tight if you tie braids, for example.


There are many different ways of hair care, each person can choose the right direction that suits their hair. Above are 5 important hair care habits to make your hair strong that we have compiled and shared with you. In addition, you can refer to HAIR CARE HABITS OF VIETNAMESE WOMEN to get more useful information for your hair care.

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