Today’s hair market is increasingly popular, and growing strongly. You are interested and want to join a hair business or open a hair salon but do not know which source to choose hair from. Or more specifically, wondering whether to keep Indian hair and Vietnamese hair, not knowing which hair will suit your wishes and business direction, this article will be very useful information for you.

What is Vietnamese hair?

In Vietnam, along with the conical hat, black teeth, and wooden clogs, long, straight, and smooth black hair has left a deep impression and become a timeless symbol of Vietnamese women’s beauty. Vietnamese women have always loved and cared for their hair since their earliest years.

The Vietnamese hair market is dynamic, establishing an increasing position in the global hair market and exporting to many different countries, including even the most demanding ones.

As for its benefits, Vietnamese hair has a very smooth and natural texture, soft, glossy, anti-moisture, and without entanglement. Even when dyed, the hair stays very soft, smooth, and in good health. Ranging from 8-30 inches in length, it can satisfy every need of customers. The hair is easy to comb if you prefer straight, wavy or curly hairstyles, and the natural black color is easily blended with other types of hair.

Of course, Vietnamese hair is of high quality because most are collected from Vietnamese women in the ideal age range of 18-30 years in mountain regions. With a healthy way of life, they often choose to eat healthy fruits, have a hair care routine, and do not use chemicals to dye or perm their hair. As a result, Vietnamese women’s hair is never damaged and is always strong from root to tip.

What is Indian hair?

Indian hair is of great quality and very popular in the beauty industry. The largest supply comes from the traditional practice of hair donation by Indians and the hopes and wishes of millions of devotees who visit temples to pray to their deities. The donated hair is stored in a special warehouse, sorted, and auctioned online for hair factories around the world. To date, India is one of the largest hair export markets in the world, specializing in the supply of raw materials for hair extensions.

Regarding its advantages, Indian hair has a texture similar to that of European hair, which is soft and long, due to Indian women frequently using natural hair care methods and fewer chemicals on their hair.

However, Indian hair is mostly curly and feeble. If not treated regularly, the plant is susceptible to damage and drought. It is synthesized from diverse sources of different ages, resulting in variable quality.

Comparison of Vietnamese and Indian hair

The characteristics of Vietnamese hair and Indian hair

Indian hair is often known as curly, thick hair, sometimes creating a feeling of clumps when used. As for Vietnamese hair, it is famous for its long, shiny, strong hair image, but no less soft and moisture-resistant than Indian hair. When used, it will give you a feeling of lightness, floating, and nature.

Origin of Vietnamese hair and Indian hair

Indian hair is collected from many different sources such as temple hair, shiny hair, etc. This makes Indian hair inconsistent in quality, so the price of Indian hair is very cheap on the market today.

Vietnamese hair is collected from 1 source from Vietnam, especially villages in the highlands of Vietnam. Vietnamese hair is always uniform in hair quality, becoming shinier and shinier.

The durability of Vietnamese hair and Indian hair

In terms of durability, Vietnamese hair is much more durable than Indian hair. Vietnamese women are very concerned about their hair, especially women in the highlands, so their hair is always strong and straight. Preservation is focused right from the initial stages until it is completed and brought to the market. Therefore, with proper care, Vietnamese hair can last for more than 5 years.

As for Indian hair, due to being imported from many sources, the preservation is not guaranteed, so the quality is uneven, leading to the durability of the hair is not high, it can only be kept for about 1 year.

Feeling when touching Vietnamese hair and Indian hair

To know the difference between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair, the most obvious way is to touch and stroke it. As for Vietnamese hair, it is very shiny, if you use your hands to comb it and your fingers easily slide down. As for Indian hair, when you put your hand in it, it will be difficult to slide down because Indian hair is somewhat curly and coarse than Vietnamese hair.

Price of Vietnamese hair and Indian hair

India is a major hair export market supplying a lot of hair to the world, hair is mainly taken from temples, and people voluntarily donate their hair without taking anything. Therefore, the advantage of Indian hair is that it is cheap.

In contrast, Vietnamese hair has a higher price because the hair is bought from highland Vietnamese girls with beautiful hair and carefully selected hair, so the quality of the hair is always guaranteed.


In conclusion, both Vietnamese and Indian hair have their unique advantages and disadvantages. However, Vietnamese hair is currently preferred due to its smooth texture, natural appearance, and easy styling features. Indian hair is still a good choice for those who prefer curly hairstyles and are willing to invest more time and effort into hair care.

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